Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Well, my due date officially came and went, and still no baby.  But to be honest, I never expected to have the baby by my due date, so I'm fine with it.  I'm just relaxing and enjoying these final days with a quiet household of two.  And as my mom is fond of telling me, they're much easier to take care of on the inside. :)

The past 9 months have been quite an experience.  And while I'm not loving being pregnant, I really can't complain.  I know I'm very blessed to have had a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.  Even at 40.5 weeks, I'm honestly not that uncomfortable!  The worst part was the morning sickness and fatigue at the beginning.  It's been pretty much smooth sailing ever since.

Here's a few of the highlights:

We had a great summer doing all kinds of fun things, including camping, going to a baseball game, hanging out with friends, etc.

In late August/early September, we decided to take one final vacation as a pre-baby couple.  A "babymoon" if you will. ;)  We both love traveling SO MUCH - it's been our absolute favorite thing to do together.  And it kind of makes me sad to know that the era of traveling the world, just the two of us, is coming to an end.  So even though it was a substantial unnecessary expense, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to do it one more time.  So we up and went to Greece for 2 weeks!  It was an AMAZING experience!!!  I will blog about it in more detail soon, but here's a sneak peak:

In November, we made the long (12 hours each way!) road trip back home to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  We wanted to see our families since we wouldn't be able to travel over the Christmas holiday.  I was 34 weeks pregnant at the time, so sitting in the car that long wasn't fun, but it honestly wasn't that bad.  Baby was treated to three Thanksgiving dinners!  And Mike's family threw us a beautiful baby shower.  We are so lucky to have so many people that love us and spoil us!!!

My little sister Mary crocheted this "Very Hungry Caterpillar" outfit! Even made up the pattern herself!!!

We decided to move to a cheaper apartment in order to save money for baby expenses, so pretty much every weekend from October to December was spent looking at apartments.  And with our old lease up December 31 and the baby due January 10, we were cutting it pretty close!  I was so nervous the baby would come early - right in the middle of our move, or while the new apartment was still a mess.  Thankfully the little one stayed put and now we are (mostly) settled in to the new place.  But let me tell you, moving while 8 months pregnant is NOT FUN!  Mike did all the heavy lifting, but I was still surprised how fatigued I got just packing and unpacking.  And when you can't bend over, putting stuff into boxes and taking it back out is extra challenging!  But we like our new place and it's saving us quite a bit of money.  It's a bit less square footage (we had to rent extra storage) and the area isn't as desirable, but we're in a nice little neighborhood with sidewalks for stroller rides, so we'll make do.  Now if only I could find the motivation to pack my hospital bag...

Speaking of walks, I've been hitting the pavement every day hoping to help labor start on its own.  And drinking red raspberry leaf tea by the gallon.  And taking evening primrose oil supplements.  My midwives will let me go to 42 weeks, which is generous as healthcare providers go, but I'm still afraid I'll end up with an induction.  Please don't get too comfortable baby!  You need to come out!!!

I'll leave you with my 9 month photo collage.  Mike helped me take a picture once a month and I think it turned out great!

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