Friday, February 25, 2011

Chicken Marsala

Here's an oldie but a goody - straight out of the ol' Better Homes and Gardens classic cook book.  It's long been a favorite at our house.  If you've never tried it, you really must!  I like to serve it over some whole grain angel hair pasta.


2 chicken breasts, chopped
3 cups sliced portabella mushrooms
1 bunch of green onions, diced
1/2 cup chicken broth (I usually cheat and use a bouillon cube - it still tastes great!)
1/2 cup Marsala wine (I get a cheap bottle of Marsala wine from the regular wine section - Marsala cooking wine is generally more expensive and has added salt, which this dish doesn't need)
1/3 cup all purpose flour
2 teaspoons marjoram
2 teaspoons black pepper
1 teaspoon oregano
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons unsalted butter


1)  Begin to heat the olive oil and butter in large skillet.

2) Mix together the spices and flour in a bowl.  Dredge the chicken pieces through the flour mixture, shake off the excess, and throw them into the frying pan.

3) After a few minutes of cooking just the chicken, add the mushrooms and onions and continue to saute until the chicken is fully cooked and begins to brown slightly.

4)  Carefully add chicken stock and Marsala wine.  It will look like your dinner is drowning in liquid but keep the heat on medium-high, stir often, and it will reduce.

5) Cook for about another 5-10 minutes, or until the liquid has mostly boiled off, leaving a nice thick sauce.

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